We’re Going Nuts

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Have you tried our In-house Roasted Nuts? Their rich, toasty flavor is seriously incredible and their size takes them way beyond your usual snack food.

We’re able to source the highest grade (the biggest!), best quality, freshest nuts from around the world – and right here in Texas. Seriously, the size of Central Market’s roasted nuts will have you doing a double take. For example, our cashews are 20-30% larger than any others on the market! Nuts of this caliber are rare, and you simply aren’t likely to find them at other stores.

Our relationships with the nut farmers help us to bring you this unmatched quality. Here in the US, we know the peanut, pecan, and almond farmers personally. We’ve toured farms, taken photos, and made personal connections.

The world’s sweetest, most incredible cashews grow in Vietnam, so, of course, we had to find a way to bring them home to you here in Texas. To ensure quality, we work with a partner in Vietnam who is in direct contact with the farmers, visiting their cashew farms and building relationships.

Once the nuts are delivered to our stores, experts at our south Austin location roast small batches of these extra-large nuts daily for a deep, toasty flavor you’ll love.

Loading nuts into the roasting oven.

Nut roasting in action!

Into the tumbler for salting.

Roasted, salted and ready to cool.

Like with everything else in our stores, it’s all about bringing you the very best quality, freshness, and flavor. Look for our In-house Roasted Nuts on your next shopping trip, and enjoy almonds, pecans, cashews, and peanuts!