We put a zing on this breakfast classic

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When I visited her in the summer, it was always a treat to make them with her. All of this said, to say, I have a pretty high bar for cinnamon rolls. And our new Orange Cinnamon Rolls, well… they might just be my new favorite. Let’s be clear, they are not my Mum’s but, they are everything good about a cinnamon roll with an added bite of fresh orange, that is so good!

These cinnamon rolls were developed by our head baker just for this year’s Citrus Fest, made with orange juice and zest and then topped with an orange glaze. They might just be the perfect cold morning treat, because when they are just warmed, they are soft and gooey in every way. I had mine on Saturday with a cup of coffee, but they kept looking at me all weekend, and in the end, I gave up and had one last night for dessert too. Totally worth going to the gym for.

So grab yourself a 4-pack from the Bakery department now while they are still available. They will be here for another 10 days or so.