This Year Citrus Fest is Keepin’ It Fresh

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Celebrate the peak season for citrus fruits during our annual Citrus Fest. This year’s event is packed full of fresh fruits ready to help you get your grove on. So stop in squeeze, sample, pucker, and add some new sweet citrus to your recipe or lunch box.

This year we have more than 50 sweet, tart, and tangy varieties ready for you. All are left to ripen on the tree longer for ultimate flavor and size. When finally picked, they’re shipped to the stores within 72 hours, where our produce inspector tests for perfect flavor and sugar, allowing only the very best in the door for you to enjoy! Here are a few of our favorites:

    • Heirloom Navel Oranges – Most flavorful orange we carry! Left on tree to ripen longer for larger size and better flavor. Grown on an old variety rootstock to produce one of the best oranges of the season.
    • Cara Cara Oranges – Sweet with spicy notes of raspberries and strawberries, and a lovely pink interior. Cara Cara’s work well in cooked sauces, too.
    • Meyer Lemons – Very juicy and slightly sweeter than traditional lemons with floral notes. Have a thin, edible rind with little to no oil, so it won’t add bitterness to juice.
    • Sumo Mandarins – Enormously sweet, seedless, and easy to peel. Originally developed in Japan and just introduced to the a few years ago, and of course, Central Market was one of the first retailers in the US to carry this gem.
    • Kishu Mandarins – Might be small in size but they are packed with big, sweet flavor. Seedless, easy to peel, tender, juicy, and fragrant. What more could you ask for?
    • Neapolitan Mandarins – Grown on a small farm on edge of Los Angeles County. These fruits are seedless with a very sweet flavor, and have a very limited availability since they are only harvested only once a year.
    • Texas Grapefruit – Sweet, juicy and tree-ripened to peak perfection. They’re an overall blush on the exterior with deep red interior. The South Texas climate and fertile soil provide excellent growing conditions for these Texas natives.
    • Ojai Valley Pixie Tangerines – Grown in prestigious citrus region of Ojai, California, these tangerines are super sweet and seedless with low acid. You will recognize them by their bumpy skin due to warm days and cool nights.
    • Limequats – With the juiciness of a Key lime, the tartness of a kumquat, and a skin that is thin, fragrant, sweet, and edible. These little guys are great in marmalades and cocktails.
    • Variegated Pink Lemons – Similar flavor to traditional lemons with a bold floral complexity. Go ahead and make your own pink lemonade or use in vinaigrettes and fish dishes.
    • Buddha’s Hand Citron – With an out of this world shape that contains little to no fruit. Buddha’s hands are best for candying, zesting, or floral designs. Squeeze the fingers to release oils that will perfume your home.