Holy Moly These are Good Cheeses

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Let’s start at the beginning, Central Coast Creamery is the brainchild of Reggie Jones, a life long dairy man who in 2007 started Central Coast in Paso Robles, California with his wife Kellie. Paso Robles has a history of being a dairy hub back all the way to the 1860’s, but in the mid-1970’s that changed a bit and now the area is better known for its abundance of wineries. That doesn’t mean the dairies have died out. As the Central Coast continues to gain notoriety as a destination for food lovers, the local dairy industry is seeing a resurgence by way of small farmstead creamery operations and creameries producing cheese, gelato, and ice cream.

But let’s talk about what you are really interested in, the cheese!

We are featuring three different cheeses from Central Coast for our Cheese Fest:
The first is Holey Cow. Naturally a cow’s milk cheese that is aged just 2-3 months which gives it a semi-soft consistency, a smooth, creamy texture and crisp, buttery finish. This is the only Swiss-style cheese made in California and it pairs well with lagers and Pinot Noir.

My favorite is the Goat Gouda, the first cheese from the Creamery back in 2008, this cheese is made with 100% goat milk and cream and aged on wood for 5 month. It has an almost caramel scent and a sweet, nutty flavor that pairs great with strong ales and stouts.

Last, but certainly not least, is the Big Rock Blue. A classic cow’s milk blue cheese that is mild and approachable yet brimming with hints of fresh butter and salty bacon. Perfect for piling on a cheese plate or as a crumbly addition to your favorite salad.