Fall for Orchids

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Phalaenopsis – One of the most commonly recognized orchids is the Phalaenopsis variety. They are available all year, so if you find yourself smitten, you can enjoy them whenever you wish. They make great gifts and will really make an impression as a host gift this holiday season.

Cymbidiums–  Look for the signature Cymbidium rounded petals in shades of white, green, yellow, red, orange, even brown and black.

Intergenerics – Also referred to as Exotics, this category includes the well-known Oncidium variety. Ask us why they’re called Dancing Ladies.

Miltonias – Eye-catching and bright, Miltonia can range from white and pink to dark purple, pale yellow, or lilac.

Vandas – If you’re drawn to showy, fragrant orchids with large, bold blooms, then these are the ones for you.

Despite what you might think, orchids are super-easy to care for! So don’t be shy — come on in and chat up our Floral Partners. They’re waiting to answer all of your questions and help you pick the perfect orchid for you or a friend.

Oh, and speaking of that sale … during the entire Fall for Orchids event, our plants are on sale starting at $12.99 ea. Honestly, what’s not to love!