The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From the Cheese

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So whether you want to add a little protein to you afternoon snack or add a bit of brightness to your next cheese board, take a peak below at our favorite apple and cheese pairings.

Central Market Tre Numeri Parmigiano Reggiano + Honeycrisp
The Parm is creamy yet with a slight grainy texture with a caramel-like finish. Meets it’s match in Honeycrisp with a neutral, but with a sweet, grape juice flavor. Delizioso!

Deer Creek The Robin Colby + SweeTango
Crisp, juicy, sweet-tart SweeTango has a complex flavor which matches nicely with the true old fashioned Robin Colby

Emmi Roth Fontina + Fuji
This traditional Swedish-style Fontina has a smooth, creamy body that accents the slightly tart flavor and mild finish. It’s incredibly versatile and delicious with the slightly tart, earthy and mild honey flavor of the Fuji.

Cellars at Jasper Hill Alpha Tolman + Envy
Alpha Tolman is an Appenzeller inspire the recipe that has a buttery, nutty flavor that compliments the sweet-tart flavor and crisp bite of Envy apples.

Käserei Studer Der Scharfe Maxx + Pink Lady
The Pink Lady has a fizzy burst of sweet-tart flavor with a slight tropical hint that matches well with the spicy, Swiss milk Der scharfe Maxx that melts in the mouth.

Marin Triple Crème Brie + Empire
A classic! Rich and smooth triple crème that has a slightly sweet flavor is a great compliment to Empire’s juicy, sweet-tart flavor with hints of melon and elderberry.

Point Reyes Farmstead Original Blue + MacIntosh
Tart, tender, and classic apple flavor of Macintosh pairs well with the creamy, full-flavored, award-winning Point Reyes Blue.

Quicke’s Traditional Mature Cheddar + Jazz
After 12-15 months of aging Quicke’s Traditional Mature Cheddar is a complex creamy cheese with outstanding depth of flavor perfect for the tart-sweet, dense and very crunchy Jazz apple.

Le Superbe Gruyère, Aged Nine Months + Sweetie
A spicy, mature Gryère with fine salt crystals, a fruity note, and unmistakable character is the perfect match for the Sweetie which has a sweet flavor with mild spice-like undertones.