Apple Growing Regions

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• Apples have been grown here for more than 150 years. With nearly 700 growers and 10,000,000+ trees, we produce enough apples each year to bake 500 million apple pies!
• Known for softer varieties that are great for snacking, but mainly for baking and cider
• Best known for McIntosh, Zestar, Empire, Macoun, Rome, Gingergold

• Home of the original Honeycrisp apple. The mot popular apple that we sell in our stores.
• Other great apples from this area: Sweetango, Fireside, Chestnut Crab,
Sweet Sixteen

• Washington apples are the king of apples in the U.S. – the most varieties and volume
• All types grow here: snacking, high flavor, baking, organic
• Also on the forefront of many new varieties: Ambrosia, Opal Gold, Piñata

• New Zealand is a huge apple producer in the Southern Hemisphere
• We carry their sweet, crunchy apples mostly in the summer when it is fall in New Zealand
• Known for Envy, Koru, Gala, Eve, Breeze, Kiku, Smitten