All We Knead is Love

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As the only grocery store in Texas with a full bakery in everyone of our stores, we want to give you a behind the scenes peak, at just some of what happens everyday at your local Central Market.

Every bread starts at the mixing station, here recipes start to come to life, in mixers that are big enough to hold 150 pounds of flour at a time, which is definitely needed if you consider not only does the bakery make all the bread our customers could want, but also all the bread for our Chef Prepared Department.

After the bread is mixed and rested, it moves over to the shaping tables where portions are weighed then shaped by hand. Baking is as close to a science as you can get, but it still requires a Partner with years of experience to know when the dough is just right. Some days a recipe could proof a bit faster or slower or need a bit more flour due to a variety of other reasons, our Bakery Partners know exactly when the dough is right and ready for shaping.

After proofing, the last stop for these loaves is our ovens, which I’m pretty sure do not have an off switch. Next time you are in, take a look at the loaves closely. You will notice everyone has their own set of decorative cuts and designs, one final step in creating these handmade artisan beauties.

All we can say, is we really wish there was some way for you to know just how great all these breads smell coming right out of the oven. Oh, wait, there is… stop by any afternoon and experience it for yourself. Smells are free!