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Roses are beautiful on their own, no debating that, but with a few selections from our 3 for $10 section you will be ready to create an arrangement that fits your personal style. When choosing flowers, think about color groups and find a naturally complimentary grouping like yellow and purple or try a more monochromatic look and explore the varieties in one color range. You will also want to consider texture, like adding airy sprigs with more dense flowers. Your vase or vessel is all about personal style, simple glass containers from around your kitchen are a great way to start, but from shallow wooden bowl to a tall classic silver vase the options are nearly endless.

Now before you go get design crazy, there are a few first steps:
1. Clean the vase. Your roses will be happiest if you give that vase a scrub first.
2. Fill the vase with room temperature water. Pour in the flower food and give it a stir until it dissolves.
3. Cut stems and hustle them into another container of water. Trim at least 1/4-1/2 inch off the stems, then immediately put them into the water. The cut stems will close up in only 30 seconds! Then they won’t be able to drink up the water they need, so be swift with this. You can then trim stems again as you are creating your arrangement.

Classic Mix and Match

We love this classic, simple look start with a bunch the larger flowers in your hand until you have a grouping you like. Then place in the vase and use other flowers and foliage to fill in the gaps. We took advantage of theses flowers long stems and let them stand tall in a slender cylinder vase.

Modern Color Blocks

Arranging flowers by type or color will create a visual interest and has a more modern esthetic and will also create a focal point and give your eyes somewhere to rest. You can use a clear Scotch tape across the mouth of the vase to help create your color groups and add stability to your arrangement.

Petite Collections

How much easier could this be? Small arrangements with just a few stems in each vessel is a great way to spread the cheer throughout a large space, it is a amazing how a few small vases together can make a big impact.