Half Shell, Full Flavor

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First a run down on all the oysters.

From Cherrystone Farms, a 5th generation family business, in Virginia where the waters of the Atlantic Ocean meets the Chesapeake Bay.
Chincoteague Salt Oyster: don’t let the rough outside fool you their beauty is on the inside. With a concentrated, unapologetic salt flavor. Plain and simple. Have emergency pilsner on hand.

Little Wicomico is a family owned and operated oyster farm, located on the Little Wicomico River off the Chesapeake Bay supplying us with 4 different oysters.
Wicomico’s Finest: The oyster is large, meaty with slight hint of saltiness, these oysters are ray raised in the Wicomico estuary.
Blackberry: Clean and sweet with mid-range salt and a deep cup perfect for a mignonette sauce. Raised in the Black Berry Hang Oyster Reef.
Rock Hole: Sweet with mild salinity and very clean finish, raised off the sandy bottom of the Rock Hole Creek, a branch of the Little Wicomico River.
Wicomico Selects: White shell that is very clean and easy to open. Crisp meats with a buttery, sweet finish. Grown where the Little Wicomico River meets the Chesapeake Bay.

Bodie Island oysters are sustainably raised and grown in the pristine waters on the estuarine side of the Cape Hatteras, North Carolina by 4th generation fisherman Joey Daniels.
Bodie Island: Auburn shells with deep cups and a pockmarked surface, these embody the rugged southern Atlantic look. Their flavor is a nicely balance between sweet and salty, with a bright Atlantic zing.

Located on the West End of Dauphin Island, Alabama, Tyler Myer’s Massacre Island Oyster Ranch resides in the calm briny waters of the Mississippi Sound.
Massacre Island Oysters: Sturdy shell with plump pearly meat. Beautiful briney, earthy, and finish like sweet shrimp. Perfect with a Muscadet wine or your favorite cold light beer.

Once you have these bad boys home, you will need to set the stage.

Crushed ice and / or rock salt – to place the oysters over
Deep plate, platter or pan – to place the oysters in
Trash bag – to discard the shells
Accoutrements – lemon wedges, lime wedges, mignonette sauce, freshly ground pepper

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Image from Food & Wine