Build a Better 'Bob

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Before you begin building your ‘bobs, keep in mind a few tips: cut ingredients to the same size for even cooking; more dense foods like potatoes, carrots, or squash may need a little pre-cooking or parboiling; oil your grill first. Perhaps most importantly, remember this: If your skewers are wood, soak ’em. if they are metal, don’t touch them with your bare hands once the grilling begins.

With that advice, we invite you to discover the true potential of cooking on a stick, with a few quick combinations that will open up a world of skewered possibilities.

Pineapple + Red Bell Pepper + Jalape├▒o + Mango + Red Onion

U/10 Sea Scallops + Green Onion + Lime Quarters

Japanese Eggplant + Zucchini + Yellow Squash + Red Onion + Cherry Tomatoes + Bell Pepper

Central Market Meatballs + Baby Carrot + Cherry Tomatoes + Garlic

Andouille Sausage + Okra + 21/25 Shrimp in the Shell + Celery + Red Bell Pepper + Chicken Breast

Peaches + Plums + Poundcake

Or try these other skewered combinations:
Shrimp + Leeks + Tomatoes
Salmon + Figs + Shallots
Polenta Cubes + Wild Mushrooms
Beef + Potatoes + Chimichurri
Bacon Wrapped Oysters + Lemon