Spring it on!

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Okay, y'all, it is time to dig through your kitchen cabinets and pantry, and dust off all those vases you have been storing away. Then make room on the counter and kitchen table, because this week our Spring Blooms event is in full bloom. We are talking about about a bounty of color and blooms overflowing in the Floral department sure to brighten any space. ...

Our Floral department always has an incredible selection of flowers, but spring has so many lovely colors and blooms to offer: blue hyacinth, white lilies, orange tulips, red anemone, yellow daffodils, purple iris, pink ranunculus  — even baby artichokes! It really would be a shame not to at least bring one bouquet home with you to celebrate the season or the fact that you got everything off your to-do list on a Wednesday.

This year we also have a few new items in store, including: tulips and hyacinth on the bulb and stems of amaryllis.

Okay, I am imagining you now have a handful of beautiful flowers, and we want to make sure they stay lovely for as long as possible. Here are a few quick tips and tricks to make sure they stay that way.

  • Remove excess greenery at the bottom of stems, this will help keep your water cleaner
  • Cut 1-2″ off stems with a sharp knife or gardening shears when you get home, under running or in a bowl of water, this prevents extra air from going into the stems
  • Make sure the vase you are using has been cleaned recently with soapy, hot water, this will help prevent microorganisms in your water. They are what can create that slimy water.
  • Fresh flowers take in more water than you may think, especially hydrangeas and anemone, so refresh the vase water daily
  • Cut flowers keep longer in cooler spaces, it is why we keep ours in a cooler a lot of the time. Keep your arrangements away from hot spots in your home and out of direct sunlight.
  • Trim the stems of your arrangement every 2-3 days, this will also help any unopened buds bloom.

Come visit us and pick out your favorites today. Our floral experts can answer any questions and help you put together gorgeous bouquets for decoration or special occasions.