4 Steps to Perfectly Grilled Fish

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Grilling is one of the easiest, quickest — and tastiest — ways to cook fish, including the stars of our Hawaiian Seafood Celebration. The sturdier and fattier fish, like Tuna and Swordfish, really grill beautifully. Mahi Mahi, Monchong, Opah and Kampachi are also totally grill-worthy, so fire up the flame (It’s March in Texas, for goodness sake!), and let’s get grilling!

1. Clean the grill thoroughly and oil it lightly.

2. Season fish as desired. If the fish has skin, slash it lightly before cooking to prevent curling.

3. Use a hinged wire grill basket for whole fish and fillets of tender fish. Firmer fish can be cooked directly on the oiled grill. Skewers (metal or water-soaked wooden ones) work great for small shellfish or two-inch chunks of firm fish like tuna or swordfish. Shellfish can be cooked directly on the hot grill or in a basket, depending on size. They’re done when the shell opens. Discard those that don’t open.

4. Grill over medium to medium-high heat (400°- 450°). Turn only once to avoid breakage. Estimate a total cook time of 8-10 minutes per inch of thickness for steaks and fillets and 10 minutes for whole fish. Start checking for doneness two minutes before the estimated time, keeping in mind food will continue to cook for a bit after coming off the grill. Now, that being said, you don’t want to go opening the lid all willy-nilly. This will let all the heat out, lengthening your cooking time and delaying your feast! Oh, and one more note; if you’re using a grill basket, remove the fish from the basket as soon as you take it off the grill.

For details on other methods of cooking, check out our Seafood Guide.