Amedei Chocolate: The World’s Best

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Looking for an extra special chocolate experience?  Then let me introduce Amedei chocolate, crafted bean-to-bar in Tuscany by the world’s first female master chocolatier Cecilia Tessieri. 

"I am Tuscan,” she says in an interview with Epicurious. “I was born in Tuscany. I put my Tuscan creativity into my work, like Leonardo." (As in Da Vinci–not DiCaprio*.)
“I select the beans and at the factory I create the recipe. Every chocolate I sell, I create the recipe,” she explains. 
Her recipes have been called "the world's best chocolate," winning many best-chocolate awards, and the chocolates' “creamy texture and bright flavor” has made it a favorite among chefs. 
Until recently, this high end chocolate was nearly impossible to find in the U.S., but now all you have to do is head to Central Market! It’s on our shelves and ready to sweep you away to a world of luxury and decadence.

Which one will be your favorite?
·         Porcelana. The rarest subset of the rarest beans, the Criollo, this is a 70% dark chocolate bar.
·         Chuao. Named after its source in a small region in Venezuela, this is chocolate perfected. 70% cacao.
·         Toscano Red. Dark chocolate with red fruit: cherries, raspberries, and strawberries. 70% cacao.
·         Toscano Blond. Dark chocolate with orange fruit, i.e., peaches and apricots. 63% cacao.
·         Nocciole. Milk chocolate with hazelnuts.

* Credit for that chuckle goes to Kemp Minifie