Houston, We Have A Party

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Houston, this post is for you! We're super excited about the football game this weekend, and are celebreating with in-store fun for you all week. Samples, demos, and a Saturday patio party are all on the calendar.

Here's a rundown of what we have planned, but check your store calendar online for any updates. 

Look for samples and demos in these departments as we gear up for a Sunday full of food and football:

Monday, January 30
4-6 pm
Beer & Wine Department

Tuesday, January 31
4-6 pm
Meat & Seafood

Wednesday, February 1
4-6 pm
Grocery aisles, starring new International items

Thursday, February 2
4-6 pm
Chef Prepared items

Saturday, February 4
12-4 pm
Grill and Band on the Patio

Don’t forget! You’re Big Game party will score big with football favorites from Central Market! Stop by the Catering desk for samples and menu suggestions or call 713-386-1750 to reserve your order.