Invite Sangria to Your Holiday Party

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Sangria is a perfect holiday party drink that looks festive and tastes merry. It’s also easy to make! Surprise your guests with homemade sangria and don’t be surprised when they whip out their phones and start taking posting pics of their pretty glasses loaded with fruit and good cheer! 

Which Wine?
Inexpensive, fruity wines that taste good (duh) are perfect for sangria. This can include sparkling wines like Cava for a twist on tradition. Red or white is your choice! When selecting a white, go for unoaked.

Here are several Central Market sangria recipes, any of which would be a hit at holiday parties. They are all easy to make, just remember to allow for chilling time (for the sangria, not you) so the flavors can really emerge.

(I suppose you can chill, too. Perhaps on the couch with a plate of Christmas cookies. But if “chilling” turns into “napping,” just be sure you’ve either eaten all those cookies or put them away before nodding off to dream of sugar plums or else you’ll awaken from your long winter’s nap to discover that your dog has cleaned the plate and left not a single crumb as evidence. And you’ll be convinced it’s revenge for the Christmas sweater you made him wear to the dog park, but that’s a story for another time.) Now. Where were we? Yes. Recipes…

Italian Soda Sangria
Two bottles of Italian Soda – any fruit flavor combination you think sounds good Blood Orange is a good one to start with, IMO. Bonus – Central Market Organic Italian Soda is on sale 2/$4 through Christmas eve. So stock up now for Christmas and New Years!
1 bottle white wine
Fruit of your choice

Easy directions: Mix and chill so let the flavors combine

Red wine, brandy, oranges, lemons

Red wine, brandy, orange and pineapple juices

White (pictured)
Vinho Verde, orange juice, peaches, cherries

White wine, ginger ale, limes, mango, starfruit

Stone Fruit
White wine, peach liqueur, ginger ale, peaches, nectarines, plums, cherries

Christmas (pictured)
This one is from She Knows blog and features white wine, cranberry juice, Granny Smith apples, raspberries.

Serve your sangria in clear glasses to let the beverages’ beauty shine. Garnish with even more pretty fruit like cranberries and pomegranate seeds and sprigs of rosemary or mint or even a tiny sprig of pine.

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