Sweet Secret

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Dalmatia Fig Spread is one of my favorite secret weapons. It perfectly straddles the line between sweet and savory and can find a purpose from breakfast to late in the evening. I promise once you have tried it, you will fret if you're getting to the bottom of the jar. 

Lush figs, hand-picked and sun-dried off the Adratic coast of Croatia, create the base of this preserve, and from there not much else is added – just some sugar and pectin.

I find myself reaching for the Dalmatia spread frequently in the morning. Of course, it is perfect spread on a warm piece of toast, but a spoonful added into plain yogurt often hits the spot. Later in the day, I will tuck it into a grilled cheese sandwich. It makes an easy filling for thumbprint cookies, and a quick browse around Pinterest brings up a slew of additional options.

This spread is a traditional accompaniment to cheeses and crusty breads, and this year we took it one step farther, by encorporating it into one of our Baked Bries, available in all stores through New Years or the Central Market Holiday Hotline.

You’ll find the spread tucked into nooks and crannies all around the Cheese Department. If the standout orange lid doesn’t catch your eye, just ask.