Let Us Do The Cooking This Holiday

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Serving up an incredible holiday meal is deliciously easy: Let us handle it. You? You just pour a glass a wine and sit down and actually talk to all those family members and friends in your house. We've got dinner (and dessert, and appetizers) covered. 

How easy is “deliciously easy?”

1. Select your menu from the Holiday Guide (printed versions available in-store or visit holiday.centralmarket.com).

2. Order online at holiday.centralmarket.com, call the Holiday Hotline at your store. (Those phone numbers are also available in the printed guide.)

3. Pick up your order in-store at the designated Holiday Hotline location.

4. Reheat using the easy-to-follow instructions and enjoy.

Want to serve 7 family members an Oak-Smoked Garlic and Pepper-Encrusted Rib-Eye Dinner? Looking for Portuguese Sweet Rolls, Pumpkin Cream Cheese Pie, Butternut Squash Maple Bisque, an Artisan Charcuterie Platter, and a Fresh Free-Range Organic Turkey? Relax. We’ve got it all.

Even if you are thrilled to be cooking for your family at this time of year, still give the Guide a look. You may find a new side or dessert to join your table of sentimental favorites.

Visit holiday.centralmarket.com today and start preparing your next great holiday meal.