Party Like A Pro

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Wondering how many bottles of wine you'll need for a party of ten? Looking to introduce a few new twist to your traditional turkey? Or maybe you are revving up for some revelry wondering if you should serve profiteroles or popovers.

Capture the true magic of the holiday season with these clever tricks and tips to ensure your guests will have fun, dinner will be delightful, and you will be a bit more relaxed from start to finish.

  • A holiday party is nothing if not spirited, so set the mood with the right music and a festive signature arrangement full of lilies and evergreens, magnolia, or boxwood.
  • As your guests trickle in, if you have a few last minute items in the kitchen to tend to, which you always do, let the bar beckon. This gives arriving guests a clear destination and allows you to scurry back to the kitchen as needed.  Stock the bar generously not only with wine and spirits but also ice, glassware, bottle opener, and garnishes so no one has to comes hunting for things in the kitchen.
  • Run the numbers on wine ahead of time. You can figure roughly three drinks per person over a the course of an evening. Keep in mind that there are just more than four glasses of wine in each bottle, and do the math from there. For that party of ten, have at least eight bottles ready to go.
  • Appetizers and platters are the perfect prop for socializing. Place larger grilled vegetable and antipasti platters in bigger spaces like the living room, and keep kitchen stocked with smaller compact hand-held appetizers like Cocktail Shrimp. This will allow you to have a bit of work space if needed.
  • This time of year guests are looking for the classics, but this does not mean you have to stick to turkey and ham for the next month. Add something a bit unexpected like Rosemary and Thyme Rubbed Rib-Eye or maybe a Fire-glazed Hickory-Smoked Spiral-Sliced Bone-In Ham.
  • As the evening winds down, let your sweet tooth lead the way. Setting dessert and coffee in a different space allows guest to stretch their legs and switch up the conversation. For a more casual event macarons or hand-decorated cookies are a perfect treat. For a more formal night, a slice of Wild Maine Blueberry Pie is a great night cap when paired with Pianello Prosecco.
  • Lastly, enjoy your company instead of worrying about the dishes. Take a moment and celebrate those around you, it will make your guests feel more relaxed and allows you to be a true host or hostess.

Now wave your magic wand and make some holiday magic of your own.