Holiday Decorating Ideas We Love

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Decorating for the holidays is a chance for you to honor your family’s favorite traditions and try new things, too. From greenery from your yard to oranges and cranberries from the store, natural items used to highlight what you already own are where it's at this season! 

Make It Work Together
Work your holiday decorations around the style of your home, advises the design experts at Nell Hill’s home furnishings. Coordinate with the colors in your home so everything works together. And speaking of working together, try choosing one overall look for your decorations and then running it throughout the house. “Your mantel should reflect your tree, should reflect your table setting, and so on,” Nell Hill advises. “Then, all of a sudden, it’s a great beautiful story that envelops your home.”

Use What You Have
To make the decorations truly your own, “look at what you already have — not Christmas decorations,” says Kansas City home remodeler Kristin Johnson. “Pick out what you love the most. Think about how that might be adapted to more of a wintry theme. If something is inherently interesting, it’s very easy to turn it into something that’s interesting for the holidays.” Nell Hill, for example, suggests arranging interesting serving pieces together to create centerpieces.

Brenda Toates, a florist with of D’Agee & Co. Florist, agrees, explaining her aim when decorating homes for the holidays is to “embellish what they have.” Run garland around the mantel’s everyday décor. Fill the empty glass jars on your shelves with antique ornaments.  Pick the red and green books from your shelf and arrange on the coffee table.

Bring the Outside In
Our floral buyer, Sarah, suggests using natural elements like birch, pine cones and succulents to bring a woodsy, wintery feel to your decorating. You can literally go out in the yard and find wonderful design elements like branches, greenery, and leaves for place settings, centerpieces, mantel décor, and more!

Nell Hill suggests incorporating your outdoor garden architectural elements, like your planters, into your design. These elements are visually attractive and provide spaces for displays. So take a trip to your yard and look for interesting pieces to bring the outside in!

Feature Fancy Fruits
Central Market floral expert Sarah says to take a spin through our Produce section with an eye on fruits that can create an interesting touch. They can be interspersed with flowers or greens – or just by themselves in a special container.

Apples in multiple hues
Citrus like oranges, lemons, limes, to create a great pop of color
Even an unexpected pineapple, the symbol of hospitality, can give a centerpiece height and interest (keep whole for freshness)
Grapes draped elegantly
Cranberries to fill vases or, of course, as garland
A variety of nuts in shells help complete the eco-friendly/neutral look

Spread the Centerpiece Around
Large centerpieces can be striking, but smaller, matching arrangements down the center of the dinner table will encourage guests’ conversation (and leave room for the food!). You can also identify main focal areas in your home, like the buffet, coffee table, or powder room, and use a “family” of complementing (not matching) arrangements, in varying sizes with similar flowers.

  photo credit:              Minimalisti