Wine for Every Wallet

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While crossing off "buy wine" from your Thanksgiving to-do list, give our selection of Chardonnays a look. They go great with turkey dinners and we have amazing options at every price point. Plus? Plus, when you purchase 6 or more bottles you'll save 20% through November 15. 

Here are just a few options — any of which would be a delightful addition to your Thanksgiving table.

A good unoaked chardonnay, this French wine has flavors of apple and pear. Metairie is a great value and is definitely a wine your guests can gather around in the kitchen.

Lafond Chardonnay is a great lightly oaked version, with notes of apple, butter, and a touch of toasty oak in the finish. This beauty is found only at Central Market. Add an exclusive item to your dinner table!

The Arsonist
Our most recent find that has us quite excited is The Arsonist Chardonnay. It is a full-bodied oaky, toasty, delicious wine with an elegant spicy finish. We really love this incredible wine. Like really like it. We promise you will NOT be disappointed if you go for the gold with this one!

Of course, you can always strike up a conversation with any of our Wine & Beer experts, and they’ll be happy to help you select exactly the right wines for whatever your occasion and menu.