Find the Perfect Pairings with Cheese, Wine & Beer

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When two great flavors are even better together, it’s a match made in foodie heaven. These tasty pairings are the result of flavors that balance and boost each other, rather than overpowering or clashing. Cheese and wine or beer make happy matches, so here are a few suggestions for your next cheese party. 

Brie and Camembert       
Look for something fresh, bright, and highly carbonated to cut the creamy richness of Brie, Camembert, or triple-cream style cheeses.

Beer: Belgian Blond Ale, Kolsch
Wine: Chardonnay, Champagne

Clothbound English-style Cheddar       
For classic Clothbound, English-style Cheddars with earthy undertones, look for the yin or yang. Hoppy bitters and dryness, like an IPA and Cabernet or sweet, warm flavors of Ruby Port or Cider.

Beer: Pale Ale, IPA, Dry Cider
Wine: Cabernet, Ruby Port

Chèvre and Fresh Cheeses
Clean citrus and fruit flavors of a Witbier, Lambic, or Sauvignon Blanc resonate very well with the similar flavors in a fresh goat cheese.

Beer: Belgian Witbier, Lambics
Wine: Sauvignon Blanc

Gouda and Gruyere           
When thinking about Gouda, especially Aged Gouda, look for beverages that share the caramel flavor notes of the cheese.

Beer: Malty Bocks, Nut-Brown Ales, Porters
Wine: Amarone, Shiraz, Zinfandel

Parmigiano-Reggiano and Grana Padano         
Parmigiano-Reggiano is one of the world’s most umami-dense foods, so you’re looking for big flavors, like ales, stouts, and Italian reds, especially when on the drier side. Roasty flavors balance all that mouth-filling flavor.

Beer: Amber Ale, India Pale Ale, Stouts
Wine: Barbera, Barolo, Lambrusco

Stilton and Roquefort
A rich, sweet, deeply caramel beer or wine is an amazing classic pairing that provides flavor contrast with the tangy funk of Blues and Roquefort.

Beer: Barleywine Style Ale, Stout
Wine: Port, semi-dry Riesling

It is always a party in our Cheese Department, so don’t be left standing alone – come join the fun!