Ain’t No Party Like a Cheese Platter Party

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October 19-November 1 we’re throwing a Cheese Party.

And whether you’re a seasoned entertainer whose guests are always treated to stinkin’ amazing cheese platters, or you are just beginning to branch out from Colby Jack cheese cubes, this party is for you.  ...

We’re highlighting cheese from around the world and will be sharing all kinds of pairing and recipe ideas with you. Just stop on in and join the fun!

Cheese Stroll 
If you come by Thursday evening (10/20) between 5-7 pm we will have deluxe pairing stations set up throughout the store for our Cheese Stroll. Cheese, wine, appetizers. What’s not to love? Plus, if you register online for this free special event, you’ll get a free Central Market canvas tote to haul all of your cheese home.
Cheesey Foodie Freebies 
Also during this two-week Cheese Party, we have several Foodie Freebies tied to cheeses for you to enjoy. For example:
Les 3 Comtois Comté ½ LB.

Get Free:
Blake Hill Preserves
Ace Bakery Crisps

That’s $9.98 free, and your appetizer tray practically just made itself! 

Cheese is great by itself, great paired with crackers and fruit, and great when used in recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Discover new ways to incorporate our favorite cheeses here

Stop by and discover new favorites just in time for the holidays. Your guests will say your cheese trays are stinkin' amazing! 

image: onebitemore