4 Quick, Easy Rose Arrangements

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Had you ever seen so many roses? Such an array of colors? Our Rose Extravaganza was pretty incredible! And now that you have your beautiful blooms home, show them off with these 4 fun and easy arrangements. ...

1. Arrange in a tight, balanced bouquet with hydrangeas or calla lilies for a long-stemmed, formal look. This regal looking arrangement will be the center of attention statement piece for your party or entry way.  
2. Go casual with shorter stems in a loose arrangement by themselves or with any flowers you choose. An anytime boquet, perfect for kitchen islands, guest rooms, sun rooms, and studys. You can't go wrong here — any gathering of blooms will brighten a room.   
3. Cut stems very short and arrange in a small glass cube for a lovely centerpiece. And you thought these were only for weddings! Heck no! Bring that beauty home with short stems, greenery, and then tie a ribbon around the cube.
4. Accent bouquets with greens and grasses from your garden (or yard!). Be creative and add visual interest and texture with greens you discover in your garden, on your morning walk, or in your own backyard.