Feed the Back to School Crew

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Loungey summer mornings and days spent at the pool are gone for another year. Kids are heading back to school and getting back in the routine of early mornings, lunchboxes, and school buses can be a bit of a struggle. That’s why this week’s Weekly Savor is full of items to help make it easier – for everyone. 

The alarm goes off, the kids rumble into the kitchen. Start the day off right with breakfast in a snap with the milk you bought and the free Kashi cereal you scored. And maybe the kids are old enough to serve themselves while you…pour yourself a giant cup of coffee, made from our in-house roasted beans. Hey, why not mix up your coffee routine and try something new: Have you ever heard of Vietnamese coffee? It might just be your new favorite way to start the day.

Or, if you’re a smoothie person, you’ll be happy to hear peaches and pears are both on sale this week. A Peach Pie Smoothie in your hand will make it way easier when you’re already running late and it’s only the first day.

Start the lunchbox assembly line and whip up turkey sandwiches for the crew on free Bakery bread. Making a lot of sandwiches? Deli-Style Sourdough Bread is also on sale in the Bakery. And we have some mustards and mayos that will perk things right up.

Buy: 1 pound In-House Roasted Turkey
Get Free: Freshly Baked Honey Wheat Bread

And turkey sandwiches need chips. That’s just a given. Luckily, you’ll find potato, veggie, and seaweed chips that are all on special. (Cape Cod, The Real Deal, Gimmie) That’s a lot of crunchies. And as a sweet finish, pick up Matt’s Cookies and get a Hexx Chocolate Bar free! Tuck the Hexx in your laptop bag. That 4 p.m. conference call is looking up!

If you have energy left for cooking, throw Hatch-Seasoned Angus Beef Burgers on the grill. No energy? Chef Prepared to the rescue! Hatch Pepper and Pork Stuffed Poblano peppers and Hatch Quesadillas in your cart and on your table. Done.

Now time for homework.