Sweet Heat

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During Hatch-A-Palooza, we’re serving up treats that bring together the delicious combination of sweet and heat. We’ve paired lemon, lime, and chocolate with Hatch peppers with delightful results. 

Central Market Hatch Chile and Sweet Lime Sandwich Cookies
This green box of sandwich cookies belongs in your cupboard. The Hatch and lime flavors are fun and different – not too sweet, not too spicy. My advice is to put a few on a plate because eating straight from the box makes it hard to tell * exactly * how many you have shoveled in your mouth. Not that I would know anything about that.

Hatch Lime Pound Cake
Our Bakers created a dense, buttery pound cake flavored with fresh lime zest and roasted Hatch peppers. It’s topped with a lime glaze and makes a great 2 p.m. snack when you aren’t sure you can make it through the rest of your workday without a pick-me-up.

Roasted Hatch Chocolate Chip Cookies
Chocolate goes great with so many things – and the list just got a little longer. If sweet and heat is your thing, chocolate and Hatch chiles are a friendly combination you don’t want to miss. Our Bakery has chewy chocolate chip and roasted Hatch pepper cookies to satisfy your craving. They’re baked fresh daily and only available for a limited time!

Bonus: Roasted Hatch Peppers Baguette
Now it’s not sweet, but while you’re in the Bakery checking out the pound cake and cookies, keep your eyes open for our Roasted Hatch Peppers Baguette. It is a crusty baguette chock full of diced roasted Hatch peppers and a light garlic flavor. Slice, butter, heat in the oven. A simple way to add some extra flavor to a meal.

Hatch-A-Palooza runs through August 23, so come on by and discover the fun of these sweet-heat treats!