Absinthe & Hatch Chile Salami

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Absinthe AND salami? AND Hatch chiles? Is today the best day of your life or what?! All the thanks for this magical creation goes to the folks at Zoe’s Meats and The Salami Store. They infused Hatch
peppers with absinthe and incorporated them into an uncured dry pork salami.

And rather than keepingit all to themselves, they’re letting us share it with you!

Absinthe is a potent, anise-flavored spirit with a green hue and colorful history. Derived from botanicals, including wormwood and fennel, “The Green Fairy” was the muse of artists and writers in the late 1700s and throughout the 1800s, influencing entire artistic movements and inspiring pieces by artists such as Degas, Manet, and Picasso. It was the drink of choice for so many Parisians that five o’clock was known as the Green Hour.

And now you can enjoy this mystical flavor infused in Hatch chile peppers…in salami!

The Story Behind Zoe’s Meats and The Salami Store
It all began on a volleyball court where two friends with a passion for food dreamed of creating a company which would provide superior quality cured-meats to hungry customers while being committed to community and sustainability. George Gavros and Charlie Hertz turned their volleyball-court-dreams into Zoe’s Meats, named after George’s 8-year-old daughter. At first they sold to chefs across the country, but then they started The Salami Store to share their tasty meats directly with consumers, as well.

George and Charlie are committed to using the highest quality ingredients. You’ll never find sodium nitrite or other preservatives in their meats. They use sea salt and celery powder to cure their salamis instead.

Don’t miss their artisanal Absinthe & hatch Chile Salami during Hatch-A-Palooza, going on now through August 16!