Two Scoops of Texas-Made Treats

Show your Texas pride this summer by indulging in one of the fine, local frozen treats we’re carrying at Central Market. We have 7 ice cream, gelato, custard, and sorbet varieties for you to enjoy during our Sundae Fun Day event. So come by for a cool taste of Austin, Houston, and the DFW! (And don't forget today's ice cream social at your store!)

Here is a look at a sorbet, a custard, and an ice cream, all of which will have you proud to be a Texan!
Savoy Sorbet  
Purified water, fresh herbs, spices, flowers, and fruits blend into icy treats suitable for folks with gluten or dairy allergies, vegans, and absolutely anyone who wants a bright and fresh dessert to ward off the Texas heat. They are even free from GMOs and stabilizers. Try flavors such as Chamomile Orange, Blueberry Sage, Ginger Lemongrass, and Chocolate Fix. The Dallas Observer called them “inspired flavor duos.” We call them summer afternoon must-haves!
Wild About Harry’s
Harry is from Hollis. And Hollis is an Oklahoma town that holds sweet memories for Harry. When he was a boy, back during the Depression, his mom would make frozen custard to help beat the hot and dusty Hollis summers. Harry remembers her custard as a "bowl of heaven," made with fresh ingredients from the county store. Today Harry runs a shop sharing his mom’s custard with folks, hoping to make their day a little brighter with flavors like Mint Chocolate Chip, Coffee, and Dreamsicle.
“Honest ice creams.” When Anthony and Chad embarked on their Austin ice cream adventure, this was their goal. They were both from small towns and loved the small, local ice cream shops that featured seasonal flavors and locally sourced ingredients. They wanted to bring this honest approach to their own shop and use only pure, wholesome ingredientsbased on local seasonality and availability. And that’s exactly what you’ll find at their shop and in their pints in Central Market freezers.
All of the milk and cream used to make their ice creams comesfrom Mill-King creamery, a family-owned dairy in Central Texas. They are connected with local food artisans, such as chocolatiers, bee keepers — and even butchers — who help enhance the quality and flavor profiles of their ice creams.
And then they make everything by hand in their kitchen — from ice cream and sauces syrups, cakes, and marshmallows. They churn every batch, make and roll every waffle cone, and pack each pint by hand to give you the most honest ice creams they possibly can. 

Our Sundae Fun Day event runs through Tuesday and the stores are hosting ice cream socials this weekend — what more reasons could you possibly need to get on in to Central Market?!