What Makes Central Market Beef So Amazing?

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With our A Cut Above Grilling Festival kicking off on Wednesday, it's the perfect time to learn some basics about beef grading and get the scoop on what makes our beef so special! Then you'll know exactly what you're looking at in the case and can make the best selection for your meal. 

Here’s where we’ll start: USDA quality grade levels, Select to Prime, are based on the amount of marbling in a steak (those fine, white flecks you can see in the meat). The more marbling, the juicier and more flavorful the beef is. And you know what? Central Market only sells the two highest grades of beef: Prime and Choice. So no matter what your selection when shopping with us, you are certain to have a flavorful and juicy cut of steak.

Let’s take a closer look.

USDA Prime is the highest-quality grade for beef, and this standard is awarded to only 2 percent of all beef graded in the United States. Prime graded beef has abundant marbling, making it very juicy, more flavorful, and tender.

Because Central Market Choice beef is aged Angus beef, it has the same robust beef flavor as our Prime beef with slightly less marbling. Choice roasts and steaks from the loin and rib will also be tender, juicy, and flavorful.

A classification based on how the cattle is raised, not on the marbling in the beef. All-natural beef is raised without added hormones or antibiotics, and has no additives or preservatives of any kind.

Got it? Great! Now here’s are some quick facts about at what makes our meat special –whether it’s Prime, Choice, grass-fed, or ground.

We get our beef from the Hartleys — a sixth-generation Texas ranching family from Chalk Mountain, Texas. They have been providing us with top quality beef for more than 20 years. Angus Beef is important because it’s recognized as the best-tasting beef available, with superior tenderness and consistency. Plus, the beef is aged a minimum of 14 days for increased tenderness.

Curious about grass-fed beef? Some folks prefer it because it is typically leaner than grain-finished beef. It also contains 60% more Omega-3 fatty acids and has two times more vitamin A and E. Our grass-fed beef is born and raised in the United States on the grassy pastures of sustainable family ranches. Give it a try tonight and see what you think!

You’re not just getting any ole hamburger when you come to Central Market. Our ground meat is extremely flavorful because it comes from the same quality and grade specifications as our natural Angus beef steak and roast program. Plus, it’s ground in-store several times a day for maximum freshness.

Now that you know more about what makes Central Market beef so wonderful, come to our A Cut Above Grilling Festival and put your new vocab knowledge to good use! The festival runs through Memorial Day.