Introducing Central Market Small Batch Craft Ice Cream!

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We didn’t just make our own super-premium ice cream. No. Anybody can do that.

We made a truly unique, crazy-fun, foodie-forward, sigh-inducing line of pure joy by the pint. Like, it’s really, really, really good.

You know us and our endless pursuit of perfection. So it’s not surprising that our journey to create Central Market Small Batch Craft Ice Cream has taken three years (spent tasting ice cream, so don’t cry for us just yet…).

Our resident ice cream expert knew getting into the ice cream biz was a no-brainer, and not only because specialty-slash-gourmet ice cream is cool—it’s also the hottest item in the world of food. And since our mission is putting our own twist on the latest Big Deal, off we went!

And you know what? It really is kinda the best thing ever to grab your foodie friends, including some of the country’s best James Beard Award-winning chefs, and play with ice cream flavors all day. Our goal was to elevate ice cream to a whole ‘nother level of foodie-ness. To do that, we literally ate our way through tables full of ice creams, and more extras and inclusions than you could imagine…more extras and inclusions than we could imagine!  (When we say “inclusions,” you know we’re talking way more than just chocolate chips, right?)

Our ice creams are crafted in small batches three times smaller than your average small-batch ice creams to give you a full-on, mega-hit of intense flavor up front. But that’s getting ahead of things. First our ice creams start with a base of real custard for sinfully luxurious, velvety creaminess that really should be regulated by law.  And then the fun starts.

Part of creating your own line of ice cream is creating your own flavor combinations. Showing a little down-home love and giving a big shout-out to the culinary world, we whipped up new flavors that will transport you as far away as Tahiti and as far back as summers growing up in the Lone Star State—all with ingredients folded in by hand for a signature taste that’s unmistakably ours:

Chile Pepper Pecan – Crunchy, peppered, praline pecans and spicy chiles chopped in-house and infused into sweet vanilla ice cream. Pralines, pecans and chiles—talk about a taste of Texas! You’ll love the mingling of iconic Texas pecans and peppers. We contemplated making a Stetson your Free Gift with Purchase. Instead we went with the farewell kick of chile spice and a hint of heat. You’re welcome!

Whiskey Honey –  Two words: Tennessee. Whiskey. Other goodies, too, like pure sugar cane syrup and golden honey. But, honey? Who are we kidding? It’s the Tennessee Whiskey.

Tahitian Vanilla – Pure Tahitian vanilla blended into rich sweet cream gives this one a decidely tropical twist that’s part ocean breeze and part childhood reflex memory of perfect vanilla. It’s delicious on its own, but strong enough to make even the apple-y of apple pies better. Tahitian Vanilla is the ulitmate dessert wingman.

Dark Chocolate Ganache – dark chocolate ice cream swirled with bits of Belgian chocolate. Maybe it’s the ganache that makes this one taste like a spoonful of chocolate moist, crumby chocolate cake that dissolves in your mouth, therefore making it necessary to treat yourself to more spoons-full. Well played, Dark Chocolate Ganache. Well played.

Hazelnut Latte – With slow-toasted hazelnuts blended with sweet cream and blonde-roasted coffee, a quiet moment in a Vienna coffeehouse is as close as your freezer.

Saigon Cinnamon – Old-world Vietnamese cinnamon, brown sugar and tangy buttermilk. It’s the warm fuzzy feeling in a package.

Coconut Ginger – If you don’t taste Thailand in one scoop of toasted coconut chips stirred into ice cream infused with freshly juiced ginger…well, we just don’t know. And that’s the truth.

Jamaican Jam – dark rum, sweet cream and fresh, handmade date jam combined with a pinch of sea salt. Did you see where it said “dark rum?”

And just because we like how it tasted:
Lemon Créme with Rosemary Shortbread – Zesty lemon créme and rosemary shortbread crumbles with a splash of buttermilk is what the sun tastes like on a beach vacation.

Find Central Market Small Batch Craft Ice Creams in your store’s Frozen case. Taste them all, and let us know your favorites!