What’s Your Bacon Style

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For our annual Bacon Fest, we are bringing you more than 75 varieties of specialty and artisan bacons in our Market and Deli, which means you have more than 75 different ways to let your bacon imagination take you beyond breakfast. Here are some basics of bacons to help you get started.

Slab Bacon — Whole, smoked, and unsliced pork belly that may be sliced to any thickness or chopped into any size or form. This is the bacon style wins our vote for Biggest Over-Achiever.
Sliced Bacon — It is hard to discount the bacon regularly voted Most Popular. Available from thin to extra thick strips all of which are easily pan fried or chopped into pieces. There is a BLT calling it’s name as we speak.
Smoked Jowl — Cured and smoked pork jowls are fattier than pork bacon, and may be eaten, sliced or fried, also great chopped and added to recipes or stews, and voted Most Likely to Never Be Single.
Canadian Bacon — This Most Dependable bacon from the north, is brined, smoked lean pork loin that is sliced for pan frying, grilling, pizza topping, sandwich accoutrement, and more.
English and Irish Back Rashers — This is a brined or dry-cured pork loin, perfect for pan frying and a staple of the full English breakfast. Available smoked or unsmoked, and Most Likely to Never Change.
Tasso Ham — Pork shoulder that is cured in salt and sugar, rinsed and seasoned with spices, including cayenne and garlic, then smoked and often used to flavor southern or Creole dishes. Also voted, Best Shoulder to Cry On.
Pancetta — Well deserving of the title Most Helpful, this Italian-style, dry-cured, unsmoked, spiced pork belly is used from breakfast to dinner to enhance any recipe Wallflowers.