Plates Will Be Broken! Central Market hosts Passport Greece in 2015

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Major changes are taking place in Greece, but the country’s ancient culture and revered traditions are still being celebrated there and around the world. Greece is among the top tourist destinations in the world, drawing over 17 million travelers each year. A place where gods and giants once mythically roamed, it is a country that inspires much curiosity and interest.
Now comes news that this ancient civilization is coming to Texas with all of its plate-breaking and moussaka-infused heritage intact. Thanks to Central Market, the Texas-centric food emporium, Texans will soon experience a full-scale immersion in Greek delights.  
Let’s make it official: Central Market Presents Passport Greece in 2015!
The popular retailer’s Passport series has honored such countries as Italy, Spain and Argentina in recent years, bringing food, wines, spices, coffees, cheeses, and all manner of pastas, produce, meats and seafood to Texas shores.  Passport is much more than a weekend product sampling—it is a virtual in-country voyage of culinary discovery, without the plane ticket and the hassles of travel. 
From April 29-May 12, discover a country whose history and culture are truly like no other. Home to the iconic Parthenon nestled within the legendary city of Athens and the birthplace of the first Olympic Games, Greece offers an unlimited bounty of wines, meats and foods that are much-loved across the globe.  Maybe you’ve munched on a Greek salad or savored a tzatziki dip, but there are many yet-to-be-discovered Hellenic delights awaiting you during Passport Greece.
Central Market offers a journey through time, allowing visitors to become immersed in the culture and magnificence that is Greece during the sixth annual Passport event.
During Passport Greece, Central Market stores will be replete with a wide array of Greek comestibles. Classes, wine dinners, product samplings, and tours will be chockablock throughout the two weeks of the festival. 
Experience the richness of traditional savory and sweet Greek dishes including moussaka, souvlaki and baklava. Indulge in the finest Greek wines, brought by the country’s top wineries and vintners, straight from the island’s ancient vineyards. Who knows, a few plates might get smashed, Zorba-style, during this no-holds-barred homage to one of the world’s oldest and most intriguing cultures. 
Inspiring and authentic culinary experts will be a part of Passport Greece, to share their knowledge and love of Greek cuisine with cooking classes and food demonstrations.
So, gather your sense of wanderlust, bring your passion and your appetite because Greece awaits you, at Central Market during Passport Greece.
According to an ancient Greek sentiment “Μπουκιά και συγχώριο”– “One bite and all is forgiven.”  

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