Pazazz Apples Are The Newest Star in Our Produce Department

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We're excited about the new apples now available in stores—Pazazz apples. 

Our Produce Buyers found these reddish-green (or greenish-red) beauties in Washington State and knew they would make a delicious addition to our wide array of apples.

Of course, with a name like "Pazazz," you would think they're bound to be something special, right? You would be correct. Pazazz apples are juicy and crisp, striking a near-perfect balance between sweet and tart, similar to the flavor of Honeycrisp apples. 

That flavor also gives Pazazz apples their … pazazz! Not only do they make fantastic applesauces and additions to oatmeals and salads, they're equally delicious warm. Poaching, roasting, and baking bring out the natural sweetness in Pazazz apples, and their large size makes them ideal for stuffing. 

Pazazz apples also pair well with pork, honey, sharp cheeses, winter squashes, pecans, and make great smoothies!

Pazazz Apple Tastings

Starting January 15 to January 17, we're hosting tastings in our Produce Departments. Stop by our stores this week and sample Pazazz apples for yourself.