Make the Season Bright

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The holidays are the perfect time to add a little bit extra to your doorways, mantels, or tables, and really capture the magic of the season.  With that in mind, I sat and chatted with Sarah Dyer, our floral buyer, about decorating trends and how to intermix new elements into classic Christmas decor.

Classic red and green with beautiful metallic accents never goes out of style. But this year, an eclectic mix of eco-friendly naturals are creating a balance with the ever-present shine and sparkle. Sarah mentioned using the addition of "birch, natural woods, pine cones, succulents, or air plants" as great ways to explore this trend. 

If a more traditional color palette is what you are looking for, try "monochromatic combinations of red or green with lots of texture." Specifically for your table, smaller matching arrangements down the dinner table will encourage guests’ conversation (and leave room for the food!).  Or identify main focal areas in your home, like the buffet, coffee table, or powder room, and use a “family” of complementing arrangements, in varying sizes with similar flowers, but remember they don't have to match.
Using fruits creates an interesting touch, think about:
  • Apples in multiple hues 
  • Citrus like oranges, lemons, limes, to create a great pop of color
  • Even an unexpected pineapple, the symbol of hospitality, can give a centerpiece height and interest (keep whole for freshness)
  • Grapes draped elegantly
  • Cranberries to fill vases or, of course, as garland
  • A varieties of nuts in shells help complete the eco-friendly/neutral look
Fruits can be interspersed with flowers or greens – or just by themselves in a special container – a true edible arrangement.
Of course, we have fresh wreaths that can be purchased as is, as well as some decorated with cones – or ask about adding ribbon, fruits, nuts or more to customize to your liking.  The wreaths are different assortments of evergreens, magnolia with or without evergreens, and boxwood in both round and square shapes.

photo courtesy of Real Simple