Looking For a New Pasta Sauce? Fuggedaboutit

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The Sopranos star Steve Schirripa created Uncle Steve’s Pasta Sauce to take you back to the days of big Italian families gathering around hearty Italian dinners.

Steve said, “Growing up in Brooklyn, Sunday morning was the day you would wake up to the aroma of tomatoes, garlic and olive oil simmering on mom’s stove as she prepared the sauce for Sunday dinner. My fondest memories are from those days, my Italian heritage and the comfort of family."

With this in mind, Steve packed the same aromas of ripe, whole tomatoes, organic onions, garlic, rich extra virgin olive oils, and real, organic spices into each jar. Pour over your favorite pasta or use a dip. Either way, this is your new go-to pasta sauce!

Try all three varieties:

  • Marinara – This one is a staple in the Italian pantry. Made from organic whole Italian plum tomatoes, real extra virgin olive oil, vegetables, and spices and versatile enough to be a base for any Italian dish or even a dipping sauce. 
  • Tomato Basil – Amp up the flavor of you pastas, grilled chicken, or fish dishes with this sauce full of organic Italian grown tomatoes and basil simmered with vegetables and spices
  • Arrabbiata – “Arrabiata” means “angry” in Italian, and that’s a good word for this spicy marinara. Add it to any plain pasta, grilled chicken, shrimp, fish, or steak for a kick in the mouth.