Central Market Presents Passaporto Italia

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Are you into Italian cuisine? I mean, are you really into cucina Italiana? Then be ready to live your dolce-est Italian dreams during the 14 deliziosi days of Passport Italy. From Asti to ziti, we will create a genuine Italian experience during our salute to the regional cuisine and culture of Italy, April 30 – May 13.

For the past four years, Central Market stores have created a lively and tasty two-week celebration of the culture, chefs, food, and drink of one country. This year, we celebrate all things Italian, by showcasing traditional foods and ingredients. Our buyers have spent the last 18 months traveling between Italy and Texas discovering the bounty of Piedmont, Emilia Romagna, Tuscany, Campania, Sicily, and all the places in between.

Tasting real Italy begins with stocking your pantry with amazing Italian essentials. New brands of olive oil, balsamic vinegars, pastas, and pasta sauces are hitting our shelves along with capers, pâtés, honey, and preserves. Explore traditional Italian condiments such as mostarda, made from fruit and mustard, and great with bread and creamy Gorgonzola. We’ll have spectacular Italian canned tomatoes that take an everyday staple to a new level.
Because Italian cheeses are among the world’s most celebrated cheeses, we will showcase over 30 favorites. Cheesemakers will also be on hand to share their specialties during in-store visits and samplings. Don’t miss the ultimate Parmesan, the prized tre numeri, or “three digit,” Parmigiano-Reggiano, made on select farms in the historic Reggio Emilia province. While other Parmesans are identified with four digits, only the best of the best can be branded as tre numeri. This Parm is aged 20-24 months – roughly 33% longer than the minimum aging time – producing a creamy yet grainy taste with a caramel-like finish. 

You can think of the Chef-Prepared Department as your neighborhood trattoria. Take home veal Milanese porchetta or new risotto kits with flavors as unique as saffron with veal marrow. Taste the way Italians grill, sauté, or roast fish simply with minimal seasonings. Dig in to the wonderful world of Italian cured meats with salumi, nduja, mortadella and prosciutto from highly respected crafters.

Then, stop by our gelato bar where we will be featuring scoops of classic Italian flavors, then sip your espresso the way the Romans do: with a sweet toasted biscotti or cannoli available in our Bakery.

Lastly, make sure you make time to mingle with the visiting chefs, winemakers, and cheesemakers, attend bambino-friendly events, watch live cooking demos, and more! Buon Appetito!