Dallas Lovers Gets A New Wine Manager

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Introducing Darrell Gibson, the new manager for our Dallas Lovers Wine & Beer department. Darrell comes to us with years of experience and is eager to add Central Market to his Food Journey. You’ll notice the department changing slightly over the coming months, and we’ll be introducing new partners and new items along the way.

Darrell is a unique wine and beer professional with fifteen years of experience in the beverage industry. He regularly attends annual wine trips to Europe for key barrel tastings in France, Italy, and Spain, plus other relevant wine regions within the United States. Through his educational wine travels, he has gained a firsthand understanding of the principal wines from around the world and their commercial importance in today’s market.

Over the years, Darrell has received a number of professional Wine and Beer Certifications. These certifications were earned through rigorous assessments, which tests a candidate's wine and beer knowledge and mastery of key elements within the worlds of viticulture, enology and beer production. Specific topics tested included: Physiology of Taste; Wine Composition and Chemistry; Faults; Labels, Laws and Wine Regions; Food and Wine Pairing; Wine Etiquette; Beer Service; Beer Styles and Responsible Beverage Alcohol Service.

Darrell discovered his love for wine while attending the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York. Upon graduation, he received his Bachelor’s degree in Business Management. The specialized curriculum for this unique business degree focused on an intensive regiment designed specifically for the food and wine industries. Unlike other traditional baccalaureate programs, The Culinary Institute of America also offered the rare opportunity to attend one of the first academic seminars presented by Visiting Professor Graham Kerr on Synergistic Business Strategies.

Darrell also graduated with honors with an Associate’s Degree in Culinary Arts from the Culinary Institute of America. He was formally trained in classical, ethnic, and contemporary cooking techniques. The exhaustive curriculum was developed and administered by a faculty of more than 135 chefs whose credentials and industry experiences are unmatched in culinary education. The faculty included the largest concentration of American Culinary Federation Certified Master Chefs anywhere in the world.
• WSET Certified (Advanced, Level III), Administered by the Wine & Spirit Education Trust
• Certified Specialist Of Wine, Administered by The Society of Wine Educators
• Master Sommeliers Introductory Exam, Administered by the Court of Master Sommeliers
• Certified Beer Server, Administered by the Cicerone Certification Program 
Cheers, Darrell! Look for exciting and informative blog posts directly from Darrell – coming soon!