Flavor & Fun from Phin & Phebes

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From the Foodie Mecca of Brooklyn, New York comes one of our newest and most exciting ice cream lines, Phin & Phebes. They make unique, fun, interesting, and bold flavored ice creams.  Flavors like Dark Chocolate Salty Caramel (my personal favorite…not just of this brand, but, like, in the history of ever), Peanutty Pretzel, Vietnamese Iced Coffee, Vanilla Cinnamon, Ginger Cookie Snap, Banana Whama, and Coconut Key Lime excite and delight the senses.

Right now, we are lucky enough to be the only place in Texas you’ll find these amazingly crave-able pints of pure pleasure. Fun for adults and kids, unpretentious, surprising in the best possible way, it is simultaneously unconventional and yet strangely familiar and comforting. You’ve got to try this!
Three years ago, Crista Freeman (Phin, from Phinizy, a family name) and Jess Eddy (Phebe, her middle name) worked in software consulting and e-commerce management, with no idea ice cream would become a big part of their lives.  One night, a lackluster store-bought pint inspired them to try making their own at home. Encouraged by their loved ones, Crista and Jess started selling their ice cream to the public at the Brooklyn Lyceum Fair and quickly sold out. Taking this as a sign to move forward, Jess and Crista rented space in a commercial kitchen and began making batches of half pints while continuing to work their day jobs. In late 2010 Jess and Crista quit their jobs and fully embraced Phin & Phebes. 
I personally couldn’t be happier that they did. This brand has renewed my interest in and enjoyment of ice cream.  When speaking with Crista earlier today, I mentioned that the Dark Chocolate Salty Caramel was my favorite, closely followed by Peanutty Pretzel. She then rocked my world when she suggested I try them together.  I will, Crista., I so totally will!  And then I’ll start working my way through other flavor combinations until either my pants no longer fit or I’ve perished from the dreaded and feared Brain Freeze.

Find these flavor pints in Frozen section of your favorite store.