Central Market Fort Worth Now Offers Oils and Vinegars on Tap

We are pleased to announce the newest addition to our Bulk department at Central Market Fort Worth: oils and vinegars. Forget what you know about ordinary EVOO and balsamic vinegar. Our new selection includes some of the finest quality culinary oils and vinegars from the best artisan producers in Europe. Think apple balsamic vinegar made with apples picked within 100 kilometers of the press. Or Styrian pumpkinseed oils produced using pumpkins grown exclusively in the Styrian region of Austria.


Our new oil and vinegar program is just one more way we’re bringing you the very best and most delicious foods we can find. These oils and vinegars are produced using traditional methods and gentle pressing and handling. They are purchased directly from small producers and transported using a proprietary method that protects them from air and light to prevent oxidation and to ensure what you get in your bottle is the freshest possible product.

Speaking of bottles, did we mention that these goods are available in custom sizes? Choose a 40 ml, 100 ml or 250 ml bottle, which our Partners will gladly help you fill. Can’t decide? Simply ask for a taste of anything that intrigues you. We encourage you to explore all the flavors and experiment with combinations. Need some suggestions? We’re here to help.

More must-trys include raspberry vinegar, which will remind you of eating fresh-picked raspberries, or the Maletti Riserva balsamic vinegar that’s so rich you’ll want to pour it over vanilla ice cream. Pumpkin and balsam honey and the Calamansi and lemon EVOO are instant favorites. All in all there are more than 48 unique oils and vinegars to choose from, and many of these varieties aren’t found anywhere else but Central Market.

Check out these suggested uses and pairings, to whet your appetite:

Garlic Oil
Pair the garlic oil with any bread or strong Gruyere. Blend with goat cheese to spread on breads or as a dip for raw vegetables. Pair with the Aceto Balsamico “Platinum” for salad dressings or bread dips.

Divino Olive Oil
Toss with warm cooked pasta and finely diced onions peppers and garlic for a quick dish. Pair with lighter Italian or French bread, smooth flavored firm cheeses or ripe tomatoes. Blend with any of the vinegars for salad dressing or dip.

Styrian Pumpkinseed Oil
Pair the pumpkinseed oil with fresh sliced apples or pears or smooth flavored cheeses. Finish squash or bean soups, roasted root vegetables or vanilla ice cream. Toss with cooked brown rice, salt and pepper for a quick side dish. Blend with balsam apple, balsam honey or balsam pomegranate for salad dressings or dips.

Aceto Balsamico Maletti Riserva
This pairs well with any cheese, but it is especially good with aged hard Italian style cheeses or strong blues or goat. Drizzle over smoked salmon, grilled meats and seafood. Finish pizza, bruschetta or vanilla ice cream. Blend with any olive oil or infused olive oil for bread or vegetable dips.

Calamansi Balsam
Blend with sparkling mineral water for a soda or use in margaritas. Finish or marinate seafood, chicken or roasted vegetables. Blend with smooth creamy cheeses or cream cheese to make a dip. Blend with basil extra virgin olive oil for a zesty dressing or marinade.

Raspberry Balsam
Blend with hazelnut oil or olive oil for a salad dressing or bread dip. Pair with nutty cheeses. Finish steamed or roasted vegetables like asparagus or broccoli.