Central Market Debuts New Line of Fresh-Baked Cookies

Few things in life can compete with the simple pleasure of a warm cookie and a cold glass of milk. But all cookies are not created equal, and we here at Central Market believe if you’re going to do something, then you’d better knock it out of the park. So you know you’re going to crumble over our new line of cookies--which debut in stores June 22--in flavors that your grandmother never dreamed of but would certainly be proud to bake.


“These cookies are the delicious, wholesome goodness cookies used to be,” says Central Market bakery leader Edouard Damez. “But we’ve upped the ante with fresh flavor profiles and combinations you won’t find anywhere – like Pretzel Logic loaded with potato chips, chocolate and pretzels or dreamy blueberry & cream.”

Our all-natural cookies are baked in-store daily, and they contain no trans-fats, preservatives, or artificial flavors and colors. Better still, the cookies are packaged in a special wood box imported from France that’s designed to go in the oven. So go ahead and pop the whole six-pack in the oven, wooden box and all. Just make sure the temp is 440 degrees or less.

To celebrate the sweetness, all Central Market locations are hosting a cookie happy hour, June 22-23, from 3-6 pm. Each six-pack is $3.50, and for every one that you buy, you get a free 14-ounce Promised Land milk, in all varieties except heavy cream. Choose your six-pack from the varieties below:

Chocolate Crispies: Flour- and fat-free chewy chocolate cookie chock full of pecans

Chocolate Chunk: Buttery cookie loaded with chunks of semi-sweet chocolate

Oatmeal Raisin: Raisins are the stars in this cinnamon-spiced cookie made with rolled oats

Cranberry Pecan: Butter cookie with dried cranberries, pecans and a touch of honey

Macadamia Milk Chocolate: Soft cookie made with a combination of milk and semi-sweet chocolate chunks and macadamia nuts

English Toffee & Chocolate: Buttery cookie with English toffee bits, roasted almonds and semi-sweet chocolate

Dutch Chocolate Chocolate Chunk: Intense dark chocolate cookie with semi-sweet chocolate chunks and walnuts

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk: With Reese’s peanut butter chips, roasted peanuts and semi-sweet chocolate chunks

Peanut Butter: With Reese’s peanut butter chips and roasted peanuts

Chocolate Pecan: Loaded with chunks of semi-sweet chocolate and pecans

White Chocolate Pecan: Soft, buttery cookie with white chocolate chunks and medium pecans

Triple Chocolate: Dark chocolate and just the right amount of pure cane sugar and vanilla create a chocolate crave quencher

S’more: Perfectly blended Ghirardelli 60% chocolate chips and chunks with melted marshmallow creates this ooey, gooey favorite

Blueberry & Cream: You’ll never look at a blueberry muffin the same way again! This chewy cookie is made with Wild Maine dried blueberries and white chocolate chunks.

Kitchen Sink: An incredible blend of Kellogg’s corn flakes, Lay’s potato chips, Snyder’s pretzels, semi-sweet chocolate and butterscotch chips

Black Forest: A dark chocolate cake-like cookie jam-packed with Michigan dried cherries

Oatmeal Cranberry Orange: Soft cookie made with rolled oats, dried cranberries and orange zest

Pretzel Logic: The perfect combination of sweet and salty, thanks to brown sugar, potato chips and pretzels

Caramel Apple Praline: This cinnamon-spice delight is punctuated with dried apple chunks, granola and caramel pieces